About Project

I wanted to crown the 25th year of my career with a special collection. When I flew across the sky at 10 thousand feet, I came across the most beautiful blue color in the world. In the 25th year of my career, I was inspired by the sky, and the universe. It had to be a collection that was able to express where that matter and man came from and where they had arrived in, and mark the location where we are in the universe and time.

It took the manufacturers in Hatay, Denizli, and Fethiye almost a year and a half to knit the special fabrics for this collection. At the fashion show held at Archeology Museum, 99 models representing the 99 names of Allah showed the collection composed of 365 items each represented a day in a year.

Faruk Saraç

> Date: 28 May 2007

> Location: Archeology Museum