Sarı Zeybek

About Project

“Sarı Zeybek was my first collection. I designed it for the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. I was inspired by Atatürk, the great leader who came forth with his stylishness and sense of style among the world leaders of his time. I worked very hard to create this collection that has a historical and a cultural value, and that represents the establishment period of the Republic of Turkey. I had to do extensive research into the origins of the clothes, and their details. So, I started from “Anıtkabir” (Atatürk’s mausoleum) where I had the chance of examining the original clothing, and more than 400 photos of Atatürk to have detailed information about the fabrics and styles of the time. We had the clothing -from the t-shirts and sweaters to the socks-, the great leader wore knitted to the original patterns. We diligently worked on every detail, from collars to sleeves. We used English fabrics as well as domestic fabrics. We employed the same sewing techniques and technologies available at that time to create the “Sarı Zeybek” collection.

During my examination of Ataturk’s clothes -including his shoes and trousers-, I frequently came across with the number 42 as his waist and collar size.  This is why we had 42 garments in the “Sarı Zeybek” collection.

We debuted this collection at Dolmabahçe Palace to 1750 people, in 1998. We held the second show at Anıtkabir in 2006. That was a great and very significant day. Anıtkabir was open after 5:00pm for the first time for this show, and hosted around five thousand guests. The air force parade performed by F16 jets during the show was another memorable event of the day. When I first visited Ankara in my childhood, my mom and I had a photo on the 11th tread of Anıtkabir. I was given a plaque for the Sarı Zeybek show again on the 11thtread… and my second photo there was with the plaque I was given for the show intended to represent the spirit of the Republic period.”

> Date: 1998 – 2006

> Location: Dolmabahçe Palace, Anıtkabir