The Grand Bazaar in the Past

About Project

Saraç said that the show would take the audience on a historical journey, “This is my journey to the Grand Bazaar, the 555 years old symbol of Istanbul. Many tradesmen and craftsmen acquired their skills here; the masters gave hands to apprentices who became foremen later. This training tradition has always impressed me. I planned this project five years ago. Today is the day of this project”.

Saraç, also stated that the show aimed to get the craft, the masters, and the apprentices together. “There are only few masters left. If the Grand Bazaar Administration lets me use street here, I would like to establish an arts and crafts street to support those masters.” There were about 4 thousand shops in the Grand Bazaar, and nowadays the market was far from representing the old tradition said Saraç, and expressed that a new set of regulations were needed  to introduce the culture, tradition and skills of  the tradesmen to domestic and foreign tourists. Faruk Saraç in the 35th year of his career said that he planned the fashion show to support the craft and artisans a little more. Ömer Arısoy, Undersecretary, Ministry of Culture and Tourism underlined how great the efforts designers spent, and delivered a speech after the fashion show:

“We are very happy to see that these eminent professions, the legacy of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and Suleiman the Magnificent, have come to life in their own clothes. This bazaar, which is open to fair profit and closed to unfair profit, proves that trade can be done in good faith, generosity and fraternity, and delivers us a centuries-old message. We are ready to support any activity in accordance with the context of this message.”

32 costumes introduced

The fashion show started with the parade of hawkers who showed the traditional costume of each profession with a literary text voiced by the actor Cihan Ünal. Total of 32 retouched -using special techniques- outfits of the hawkers such as ‘Sedefkar’, ‘Bozacı’, ‘Mühürcü’, ‘Çarıçı’, ‘Yorgancı’, and many others were shown at the fashion show. The project realized after a painstaking research also included the accessories made identical to the original ones the tradesmen of the time used.

> Date: 16 October 2016

> Location: The Grand Bazaar