The Police from Past to Present

About Project

This collection is composed of police uniforms from 1287 to the present day, covering the periods of Tanzimat Reforms, Constitutional Monarchy, and the Republic of Turkey.

The Ministry of Interior of Turkey was seeking projects for the 161st anniversary of the Turkish Police Department. When they called me in, I introduced a project titled “Geçmişten Günümüze Polis” (the police from past to present) that will represent the glorious background of the Turkish Government and the Turkish Police.

For this collection, we did an extensive research into the police archives. The collection was completed in 8 months including 3-month research and examination phase. The costumes introduced at the show were selected from 600 photographs in the archives. The ranks and titles given to those police and security officers were the symbols of dignity, so it was necessary to know not only the costumes, but also the tasks and lifestyles in order not to miss the fine details.

We chose the fabrics according to the conditions of the period the uniforms were worn. Uniforms were adapted to the fabrics available today. We cut and sew the fabrics to the special patterns we prepared. All accessories, from daggers to swords, and from badges to jewellery, were made identical to the originals. All of the shoes the models wore at the show were hand-made by shoemakers.

We employed real actors to act the police officers of that time at the show. We chose actors who look like police officers, and able to express the title the uniform they wore represented. This project introduced various important officer ranks of the time such as Subaşı, Asesbaşı, Böcekbaşı, and Kullukçu Çavuşu we had never heard before. We employed 77 models to present the collection composed of 375 pieces.

We worked on the music two and a half months, and worked on the scenario three and half months for this show.

The project titled “Geçmişten Günümüze Polis” introduced in Ankara on April 10, 2006, and at Ciragan Palace on April 11, 2006 was introduced to total of 1200 guests in Ankara and Istanbul on the occasion of the 161st anniversary of Turkish Police Organization.

The collection titled “Geçmişten Günümüze Polis” can be seen at the Museum of Police Academy, General Directorate of Security.

I plan new projects to contribute to our cultural heritage, and to introduce our history to new generations.

> Date: 11 April 2006

> Location: Çırağan Palace